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Would it be better | if we all spoke | the same language?


No - different languages offer depth, colour and personality to the way we communicate.


Yes - it would save time and effort, and prevent misunderstanding.


Maybe - but sometimes it can be difficult to express a complex idea in just one way.


It depends - on how you define language as many of us could be considered multilingual without knowing.

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  • daan
    I think that all the different languages we all speak reflect who we are as people; they are outward expressions of our individuality.
    24 Oct 2019
    3 months ago
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  • duh?!
    seems most people here are pragmatists.
    9 Sep 2019
    5 months ago
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  • hero
    The variety of different languages makes the world an interesting place. We should focus on making better translation tools instead.
    12 Dec 2018
    1 year ago
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  • nat h
    Having different languages enables possibilities to communicate and share different experiences, if we understand a specific language.
    29 Apr 2018
    1 year ago
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  • db04949
    I think it depends as we are all in a sense multilingual. Although I think having different languages is good for the brain and people.
    24 Feb 2018
    1 year ago
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  • charlotte
    No, it would just be lazy. Having different culture and languages is beautiful, learing a language can help to understand other cultures
    20 Feb 2018
    1 year ago
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