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Could we end disease?


Yes - look at how far medical research has come in the last 100 years...surely anything is possible?!


No - the risks from 'superbugs', climate change etc will likely be too unpredictable to address in time.


Maybe - but for now, it might be more useful to think about how best to protect ourselves from disease.


Depends how you define 'cure' - for some mental health conditions, it's about managing symptoms rather than recovering fully.

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  • mysticbutterfly098
    Disease cant be completely wiped out; The cures for such diseases will gradually be discovered, but others will keep popping up by that time
    3 Oct 2021
    2 weeks ago
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  • harik
    The ethics... Genetic engineering is already controversial
    5 Mar 2021
    7 months ago
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  • savannahjasmine
    with tthe right research
    19 Feb 2021
    8 months ago
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  • jeffthepotato4life
    I think that not all diseases can be cured but some can.Treatment is becoming better but I don’t think illness can be completely wiped out
    1 Nov 2020
    11 months ago
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